Artist Statement

Artist Statement :

At the moment I am:


I take place in space and time. This is because I was born, a choice made for me. Even if I stand still, I move forward, this is unstoppable.

Why are we here? This existential question forms the core from which further research and work emerge. I use objects, situations and observations from everyday life to show me the paradoxical nature of life. I am looking for meaning. This through moments that I try to capture, if only for a moment. Life comes with love and loss, social pressures and expectations; the human condition.

So now we are here and now, but now it is already over. It’s over the moment you think about it. It is already part of the past, but the past cannot be changed and all we have left is the future. Words I have spoken cannot be undone, as can my actions, they are done – irreversible. Everything passes, nothing stays. At the same time, I live here and now. This is the paradox of life. The trick is to live every day and continue to create, face to face with this knowledge.

By showing this paradox; by portraying the human condition. With this I want to give meaning to my existence through my artistry and to give meaning to the work I make. At the same time, I ask the question “why are we here” again and again, because the question remains. This expresses the existential and personal character of my work. To be born means to die. But we cannot know what will happen to us today or in the future. We have no real control over our lives. In that we are equal.

I will be happy is my self-fulfilling prophecy. By excluding what makes me happy, I hope to conclude, I do this by calibrating life through a lens of facts, such as math and science. With that I try to fathom my/our existence. Perhaps in vain. After all, we must not forget that life is a story that each of us tells his/her/x own ego; telling a meta-fiction, and therefore it is a story told by an unreliable narrator.