Performance :

If Life is So mucht fun... I will put up the baloons myself :

Videomapping into corner
duration 10:00
Edition 5 + 2ap.
2014 The element of Surprise, NEST, The Hague

For The First Time (2014-2015) :

Photographic performance.
Ask a stranger to visit the studio
Ask to remove their clothes and pose for the camera
Start Timer.
Step behind the camera, don’t make contact of give instructions
Wait for the person to ask for directions. Don’t give feedback
Take the picture when they are about to leave because the are uncomfortable with the situation.
Stop timer.
1. Alex : 10:31 Minutes
2. Isac: 5:31 Minutes
3. Dagmar: 7:21 Minutes
4. Rob: 15:11 Minutes
5. Anouk: 2:43 Minutes
6. Roellina 7:01 Minutes
7. Marlies: 9:27 Minutes
8. Rick: 4:54 Minutes

Teerling I :

Video Installation
Video 20:00 in Loop, Pedestal, Eggshells
Dimentions Variable
Unique Piece
1. Chambres des Schie
2. Go Get’em
3. Light Screen Action
2015 GO GET’EM, Shellgebouw-Hofpoort, Rotterdam
2015 Chambres des Schie, Fotofestival Schiedam, Schiedam
2015 Young Talent Award Show, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
2015 Papa, Mama, mag ik in de wolken wonen?, NFF, Utrecht
2016 Light,Screen,Action, Electron, Breda
2017 Ways of Seeing, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
2015 Drempel-prijs, Gemeente Rotterdam, Rotterdam (Nomination )
2015 Young Talent Award,  Lease-plan, Amsterdam (Nomination )

In Due Time :

Performance in collaboration with Imke Zeinstra
Duration ± 10 minuties
Edition N/A

Self-Life I :

Duration 1 Hour
Performed at House For An ArtLover, Glasgow

Teerling II :

Video Installation
Video 21:39 in Loop, Bedframe, Mattress, Duvet cover
190 x 70 x 50cm
Unique Piece
2016 My naked eye, Mooi-Man Gallery, Groningen
2016 Open Studios, AKV | St.Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2017 BLOOOM award, Warsteiner, Cologne (Nomination)

Pity Party :

Video Performance
Video 9:51 min
Size Variable
Edition 5 + 2ap.
2017 Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?, Flipsite, Eindhoven
2017 Untitled 2017, Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis, Breda
2017 Never Settled, Willem Twee, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2018 GAST, Melkfabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
2018 First Art Fair, Galerie Mooi-Man, Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam
2018 Hollandse Nieuwe, Galerie Mooi-Man, Groningen
2019 1.050 KM/H In The Wrong Direction,  Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

The Person you Love is 78,2% Water :

Performance at Club Solo
Duration ± 15 minutes
Performance based aroudn the question of being born and that it means u would die. During a “burrying” ritual the partisipating public is asked to drown me. Like filling a grave in a burrial seremony. At the same time the bathtub refers to a womb, that gets filled with water. The work crosses the broundy between a burrial and a (re)birth and shows the paradox in an absuric way.
2017 No Matterial Difference, Club Solo, Breda
2018 Landkunst, BKKC, Fort Sabina, Heijningen

The Party Would Never Stop :

Video 9:51
Size Variable
Edition 5 + 2ap.

1. Filmstill
2. Filmstill
3. Filmstill
4. Projection at Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
5. Projection at Stedelijk Museum, Breda

The balloon deflates very slowly. The film is an ironic interpretation of a pity party: a moment of self-pity, when the last guest at a party gets lost in an exhausting lament about life. This work shows that difficult moments, when happiness is hard to find, are sometimes worth showing the most.
2019 The Party Would Never Stop, Chassé Theater, Breda
2019 Raketstart – Nieuwe beeldende kunst Breda, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda
2019 Publication, Exhibition Catalogue, Raketstart
2019 1.050 KM/H In The Wrong Direction,  Josilda da Conceição Gallery,Amsterdam
2019 Publication, BKMagazine
2020 Big Art, Hembrug, Zaandam

It was a Plesure :

Performance in collobration with Imke Zeinstra
±15 minutes
Perfomed at Live Art Breda in commision of Stedelijk Museum Breda

Shelflife III :

Performance in collaboration with Imke Zeinstra
Performend at NO ART HOTEL, Sir Adam Hotel
Duraton ± 30 minutes

Turbulence I :

Video Installation
Video in loop 5:00 MDF, Paint, Nails, Transparent sealant, Projection acrylic
175x100x177 cm
Unique piece
The installation depicts the mental battle that is fought during a depression, having to prove it, to stand up to the outside world. The nail bed; in the spectrum of colors, makes a reflection (happy and dynamic) how one presents oneself to the outside world. Keeping up appearances and pretending to be cheerful with the painful realization; that falling leads to fatal destruction. The work was developed during the 1-month residency in the Vincent Van Gogh house in Zundert, where the life and work of “Van Gogh” served as the starting point.
2020 Toen Ik het Leven… ., Vincent van Goghhuis, Zundert